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Yamaha TZ350 Tank – Aluminum Alloy

Yamaha TZ350 Alloy Fuel Tank. I know, it’s green and it says Kawasaki on it! For real, it is a Yamaha TZ350 racing gas tank. […]

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1962 BMW R50 with Steib Sidecar

1962 BMW R50 with Steib Sidecar. Nice bike in good condition, patina, runs good but carbs need to be rebuilt, 7,800 miles, clear title, matching […]

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1952 Mustang Pony

1952 Mustang Pony runs good, fast, 3 speed transmission, shifts good. Beautiful bike. PHONE: 276-768-8198 (International buyers can call me on facebook messenger if that helps) […]

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Texaco Sign – Vintage

Big beautiful Texaco sign. Six foot in diameter. Good condition on both sides. Nice patina. Double sided. Registered trademark, “Made in USA” printed in the […]

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1976 Kawasaki KZ900 LTD Turbo

Time capsule… 1976 KZ900 with 5,900 miles, one owner, ATP Turbo, original tires, (original rear tire has lots of tread, so we know the owner […]

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1970 Honda CB750 K0 (Mfg. 12/69)

1970 Honda CB750 K0 in very good condition. Manufacture date of 12/1969 with matching VIN and clear title. Very nice one owner survivor, always kept […]

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RT1 America, 2,c


1973 Yamaha RT1 360

1973 Yamaha RT1 360 Enduro in fair condition. Complete bike, good compression, no cracks and no broken fins. Good project bike, should be able to […]

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1979 Yamaha MX175

1979 Yamaha MX175F in good condition. Good compression, like new tires, chain and sprockets. Matching VIN. More details and photos coming soon. PHONE: 276-768-8198 (International buyers […]

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1979 Yamaha YZ250

1979 Yamaha YZ250 This is an excellent running AHRMA race bike. It is well sorted mechanically and is ready to ride. Cranks up easy, lots […]

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1972 Bultaco Pursang MK6

Bultaco Pursang MK6 in excellent condition. Very nice older restoration, looks like a brand new motorcycle, museum/showroom condition. Appears to have never been operated. No […]

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1969 Bultaco Pursang MK4

250 Bultaco Pursang Boat Tail. Older restoration that has been in a collection for many years. Needs to be serviced before being put back into […]

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1972 Yamaha DT2MX 250 Replica

1972 DT2-MX 250 Replica Mongrel, but a real beauty! (well sorted and runs great too)… The frame is a 1972 RT2-MX 360 while the engine […]

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1978 Yamaha YZ250E

1978 Yamaha YZ250 High quality restoration throughout the entire bike, motor and transmission rebuilt to new specs, complete nut and bolt restoration. Suspension rebuilt, wheels […]

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1979 Yamaha IT175F

1979 Yamaha IT175 Enduro, good condition, matching VIN, no broken fins, no cracks, tires like new, good chain and sprockets, not running. $1500 obo PHONE: 276-768-8198 […]

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1975 Yamaha MX175 Custom

This is a custom built MX175  with YZ125 tank and plastics, Proflo reed valve, Progressive shocks, Dunlop tires like new, good chain and sprockets. Nice […]

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1975 Yamaha MX400B

1975 Yamaha MX400B in very good condition. Very cool bike with rare period correct performance parts: Webco Head, Profab Swingarm, White Bros monoshock, special forks […]

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Honda CB77 – CB72 Chain Guard

Honda CB77 and CB72 Chain Guard in fair condition. This one has some wear and tear, looks good on the bike from 5′ away. Polish […]

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DUNSTALL Bars, 35mm

Dunstall Equipment Clip On Handle Bars in good condition, fits 35mm forks, $200. We will be at the Barber Vintage Festival Swap Meet, October 5-7, […]

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1969 Honda ST70 DAX

1969 Honda ST70 DAX: Rare import bike from Europe or Asia to the US. Nice little Honda ST70 in good running condition. Rusty chrome patina. […]

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IMG_6572 c


1976 Triumph T140V Bonneville, 750cc, 5 Speed

1976 Triumph Bonneville T140V, 750cc, 5 Speed. Will make a nice Cafe or Tracker. Been sitting for a little while so needs carbs cleaned, service, […]

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1981 CR450R Transmission, Shift Forks, Drum, Spacers, Shafts

**SOLD** Transmission removed from a 1981 Honda CR450R. This motor had very low hours of use. All of the parts in the photos are included. […]

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1981 Yamaha XS650

1981 Yamaha XS650 for project or parts. Make Offer. Engine turns over with very good compression. No broken fins and no cracks. I was told […]

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1974 Yamaha XS650

1974 Yamaha XS650 project for sale. Complete bike including good title. Original except for the seat. Engine turns over with good compression. Bike has been […]

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1965 Triumph TT Special

1965 Triumph TT Special Replica: This is a T120R Bonneville with all of the rare and correct factory parts for a 1965 TT, folding pegs, […]

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1981 Honda CR450R – Right Engine Case

**SOLD** This Right Side Engine Case removed from a 1981 Honda CR450R. In very good condition, no cracks, no stripped threads, no damage, VIN is […]

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1981 Honda CR450R – Left Engine Case

** SOLD ** Left Side Engine Case removed from a 1981 Honda CR450R. In very good condition, no cracks, no stripped threads, and no damage. […]

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Cylinders and Pistons – Yamaha RD400

** SOLD ** Set of Cylinders and Wiseco Pistons removed from a 1977 RD400. Measured the bores at 2.600″ (66mm), this is the last oversize. […]

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DG Heads – Yamaha RD400

** SOLD ** Set of DG Heads removed from a Yamaha RD400 in good condition. No cracks, no broken fins. I had the machine shop […]

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Clutch Cover, 1981 Honda CR450R Primary Cover

**SOLD** Clutch Cover removed from a 1981 Honda CR450R. Good cover but it has a small crack from where something smacked it near the kick […]

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Kick Lever, 1981 Honda CR450R

Kick Start Lever removed from a 1981 Honda CR450R. This kick lever is in EXCELLENT Condition, the swivel is nice and tight like new, splines […]

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30mm Lectron Carburetors (From a RD400 Race Bike)

** SOLD ** (2) 30mm Lectron Carbs removed from a RD400 Race Bike. These carbs are in good condition, no cracks, no stripped threads, slides […]

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1977 Yamaha RD400 Engine (Parting Out)

Parting out this 1977 Yamaha RD400 engine. VIN: 1A1-303048. This motor is in nice condition, no cracks, no broken fins. Nice DG heads, Lectron carbs. […]

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1981 Honda CR450R Engine (Parting Out)

Parting Out this 1981 Honda CR450R Engine. This motor is in nice shape, does not appear to have been used that much – kick lever […]

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Yamaha RD400 Cafe Racer (Parting Out)

Parting Out this Yamaha RD400 with Gold DG Heads and Lectron Carbs. Motor turns over with very good compression, looked in exhaust ports and pistons […]

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Cheery Tree#


Classic Motorcycle Exchange – AMCA Southern National Meet

The Classic Motorcycle Exchange is on the way to the AMCA Southern National Meet in Denton, NC May 18-19, 2018.  Paying cash for old motorcycles, […]

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Cheery Tree#


Classic Motorcycle Exchange – AMCA Southern National Meet

The Classic Motorcycle Exchange is on the way to the AMCA Southern National Meet in Denton, NC May 18-19, 2018.  Paying cash for old motorcycles, […]

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1963 Honda CB72 Hawk (Parting Out)

Parting Out this 1963 Honda CB72 Hawk 250 with 305 Top End and Carbs. Matching VIN. Nice unaltered frame. Tank, sheet metal, fork covers, headlight […]

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1970 Norton Commando / Dallas Baker Flat Track Racer

** SOLD ** 1970 Norton Flat Track Race Bike 20M3S Commando engine in a very rare period correct Dallas Baker dirt track frame. I bought […]

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Yamaha YZ465 Forks, 1980-1981

Nice set of 38mm Forks removed from a running 1980 YZ465. The chrome is nice, couple of small marks near the top – nothing major. […]

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YZ465 Head – Yamaha

Yamaha YZ465 Head in good condition. No broken fins, no cracks, spark plug threads are good. Fits YZ465 and IT465 1980 – 81, (also works […]

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YZ490 Head – Yamaha

Yamaha YZ490 Head in fair to good condition. No broken fins, no cracks. Spark plug threads are good. Dinged up a little inside the chamber, […]

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YZ465 Clutch Plates & Springs

Yamaha YZ465 Steel Clutch Plates in good condition. You get 6 steel plates, 14 fiber plates, and 11 springs. Good deal on a good used […]

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YZ465 / IT465 Clutch Basket – Yamaha

Yamaha YZ465 Clutch Basket in very good condition. No cracks, no excessive wear, good part, hard to find these. Fits 1980 – 1981 YZ465, and […]

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YZ465 – IT465 Cylinder – Yamaha – 86.5mm

Yamaha YZ465 Jug, model 3R500, in good condition. Fits 1980-1981. Bore is at 86.5mm which allows for one more oversize. The current bore is nice, […]

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YZ465 Cylinder & NOS Wiseco Piston- (Bored .080″ & Ported) IT...

1980 – 1981 Yamaha YZ465 Cylinder, Bored .080″, Honed, Ported, & NOS Wiseco Piston Kit. You get the whole package: NOS Wiseco .080″ piston, rings, […]

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Yamaha Gas Tank – RT & DT Models 250 – 360

Yamaha Gas Tank – Fits 1970’s DT2, DT3, RT2, RT3, 250 and 360. Decent looking tank, no obvious dents, comes with petcock, has sealer inside. […]

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BSA A65 Cylinder – Standard Bore 2.953″ – 75mm

BSA A65 650 Cylinder in good condition. Checked it with the mic and still on its stock 74mm bore. No excessive wear, no scoring, minor […]

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KTM MC-5 MX Gas Tank – NOS Clarke

Clarke Gas Tank fits KTM MC-5 MX. This is a NOS tank been sitting on the shelf, never used, good condition, no scratches, no cracks. […]

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YZ125 / YZ250 Gas Tank, 1974 – 1975 – NOS Clarke

Clarke Gas Tank fits 1974 – 1975 Yamaha YZ125 & YZ250. This is a NOS tank been sitting on the shelf, never used, good condition, […]

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Bullet Running / Marker Lights – Vintage

Vintage Bullet Running – Marker Lights, good shape, nice patina, no lenses. Removed from a 1947 Indian Chief. You get both lights and the bracket. […]

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Rocker Boxes – Triumph 5TA Speed Twin – 1958

Set of Rocker Boxes from a 1958 Triumph 5TA Speed Twin. Includes rocker boxes, rocker arms, shafts, and caps. Good condition. Removed from engine with […]

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KZ900 LTD Seat

1976 Kawasaki KZ900 LTD Seat ready to ship. The seat pan and foam are in good condition. The seat cover has opened up on one […]

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YZ465 Frame – Yamaha

1980 – 1981 Yamaha YZ465 Frame, straight, no cracks, fair to good condition, one small tab broken – but I have the tab – can […]

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Yamaha DT250 Cylinder – 70mm Standard Bore

DT250 Cylinder in good condition. I checked this jug with the mic and it is on it’s original 70mm standard bore. No gouges, no scores […]

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DT, Countershaft, 1


Yamaha DT250 Transmission Countershaft, (Layshaft)

Countershaft removed from a 1976 Yamaha DT250 with Engine VIN 450-504060 Here is a complete countershaft with gears, (layshaft) in very good condition. Teeth, dogs, shaft, […]

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DT, Main, 1


Yamaha DT250 Transmission Mainshaft

Mainshaft removed from a 1976 Yamaha DT250 with Engine VIN 450-504060 Here is a complete main shaft with gears, (this is the shaft that the clutch attaches to) in […]

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CB750 Carburetors, 1971 – 1976, Honda – (SET #4)

(SET #4) Carburetor Set for Honda CB750 1971 – 1976. This set is relatively clean. Good condition. Slides and choke move freely. Nothing busted or […]

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CB750 Carburetors, 1971 – 1976, Honda – (SET #3)

(SET #3) Carburetor Set for Honda CB750 1971 – 1976. This set is relatively clean. Good condition. Slides and choke move freely. Nothing busted or […]

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CB750 Carburetors, 1971 – 1976, Honda – (SET #2)

(SET #2) Carburetor Set for Honda CB750 1971 – 1976. This set is relatively clean. Good condition. Slides and choke move freely. Nothing busted or […]

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CB750 Carburetors, 1971 – 1976, Honda – (SET #1)

(SET #1) Carburetor Set for Honda CB750 1971 – 1976. This set is dirty from old gas but will clean up nice if you soak […]

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Fox Air Shox – 18″ Shocks – Motocross

Fox Air Shox: Nice set of vintage air shocks in good condition with date code 5-79, (these were manufactured in 1979). 18″ long center of […]

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BSA A65 Head – 650

BSA A65 Cylinder Head in good condition. One spark plug hole has been professionally repaired by Shubricks Cycles. Shubricks has installed hundreds of these spark […]

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YZ465 Shock – Yamaha – Monoshock

Yamaha YZ465 rear shock, fits 1980 – 1981 YZ465 and IT465 monoshock. In good condition, removed from a running 1980 YZ465.   SHIPPING: Call or […]

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TT500 Skid Plate – Yamaha XT500 Bash Plate – Engine Guard

**SOLD** Yamaha Skid Plate  from a TT500 in good condition, scratches and dings included. No cracks. SHIPPING: Call or send me your zip code or […]

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1919 Henderson 4 Cylinder

(SOLD) 1919 Excelsior-Henderson 4 Cylinder Motorcycle Engine. Very good condition. Runs good and sounds good! Yes it actually does run, (check out the video)! Nice […]

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1971 Yamaha R5 Cafe Racer 350

**SOLD** 1971 Yamaha R5 Cafe Racer with very low miles. The R5 was the predecessor to the RD350 Rocket Ship. Back in the day guys […]

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Kawasaki H1 Parts – NOS – Coming Soon!

Coming Soon! I will be listing a whole bunch of 1971 Kawasaki H1 parts. Many of the parts in this tote are NOS and the […]

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Kawasaki KZ900 Tail Piece Cowl

Tail Piece Cowl removed from a Kawasaki KZ900. Cowl is in good condition – no cracks. Fits KZ900 & KZ1000 and LTD models, 1976 and […]

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Yamaha YZ465 Cylinders – Jug – IT465

Cylinder fits 1981 through 1982 Yamaha YZ465 and IT465. In good condition, no busted fins, no cracks. I have quite a few of these I […]

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Kawasaki H1 / H2 Sprocket Cover

Engine sprocket cover, left side, fits Kawasaki H1 and H2. In very good condition. Was polished, been sitting on the self for a while so […]

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Kawasaki H2 Instrument Cluster Mount

Instrument cluster mount for a Kawasaki H2 in good condition. The 2 rings are included. All in good condition. SHIPPING: Call or send me your […]

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Kawasaki H2 Tachometer

Tachometer for a Kawasaki H2. You get everything in the photos. SHIPPING: Call or send me your zip code or country for shipping price. I […]

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Kawasaki H2 Speedometer and Tachometer Instruments

Kawasaki H2 Instruments: The speedo is rough. The tacho looks good except for the lens is hazy. The wire harness was cut. SHIPPING: Call or […]

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Kawasaki Side Cover & Emblem, KZ900 LTD

Right Side Cover and Emblem for a KZ900 LTD. In good condition, no cracks. Removed from a 1976 KZ900, will fit others. SHIPPING: Call or […]

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Kawasaki H2 Tachometer

Kawasaki H2 Tachometer and bracket in good condition. SHIPPING: Call or send me your zip code or country for shipping price. I ship insured with […]

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Kawasaki H2 Speedometer & Tachometer

Here is a set of Kawasaki H2 Instruments. The speedo is very bad and probably only good for parts. The tach looks pretty nice. You […]

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Honda CB160 Gas Tank

Honda CB160 Gas Tank in good condition. Good inside, not a rust bucket. Missing one side panel. SHIPPING: Call or send me your zip code […]

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Ceriani Arces Racing Triple Trees, Matching Set

Nice set of Ceriani Arces upper and lower aluminium triple trees. This is an original matching set, both are stamped 2652. Nice parts will polish […]

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KZ900 / KZ1000 LTD Gas Tank

Good tank removed from a running 1976 KZ900 LTD. Has red tank sealer inside. A couple of dings. No key for the cap. Fairly clean […]

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Triumph / BSA Conical 18″ Rear Wheel

Triumph / BSA Rear Conical 18″ Rear Wheel in good condition. Original “made in England” chrome rim look good, dirty, but will clean up nice. […]

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Bultaco Astro Gas Tank

Here is an original fiberglass gas tamk from a 1970’s Bultaco Astro. Looks to be good. Petcocks and cap come with it. SHIPPING: Call or […]

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1982 Yamaha IT250

1982 Yamaha IT250, nice classic Enduro, runs good, shifts good. Tire like new, chain/sprocket are all good. Call 276-768-8198 DOMESTIC SHIPPING: Local pickup, your shipper, […]

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Red Line Flat Track Rolling Project, Ice Racer

Red Line Vintage Flat Track project bike. Red Line frame in good condition has been de-raked. 1974 Yamaha DT360 motor is stuck. Has ice racing […]

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1982 Honda XR80R

1982 Honda XR80R in great condition. Runs good, shifts good, fun little bike. Makes a great pit bike, gets lots of compliments! “You meet the […]

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1973 Honda XL250

Original 1973 Honda XL250 in great condition. This is the bike that started the Honda XL model line, it even came with a 4 valve […]

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Racing Manifolds & Carbs, BSA A75

Here is a set of 32mm Mikuni Carbs with performance intake manifolds and throttle cables for BSA 3 cylinder models. These are period correct vintage […]

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1973 Triumph X-75 Lower Triple Tree

Here is the infamous X-75 cracked lower triple tree. Removed from a 1973 Triumph X-75 Hurricane. This failure was a common problem on the unique […]

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Brake Backing Plate, Triumph / BSA, Rear Wheel

Here is an Alloy Brake Backing Plate for Triumph / BSA rear Conical Hub. Very Good condition. SHIPPING: Call or send me your zip code […]

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Triumph / BSA Amal Carburetor Gantry

Here is a carb gantry frame I bought for a 1973 Triumph X-75 but I never used it. It looks like brand new, maybe NOS […]

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Amal Carburetor Parts, 389 Monobloc

For Sale: Amal 389 Monobloc carburetors. You get a set of 2 carbs, everything in the photos. Might be some parts missing. Bodies are in […]

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1973 Triumph X-75 Hurricane Amal Carburetor Parts Lot

Here is a box lot of Amal carb parts. The 2 carb bodies are from a 1973 Triumph X-75, (these are the silver painted carbs […]

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Rear Fender Bumper, Indian Chief

Rear Fender Bumper removed from a 1947 Indian Chief. Item is in good condition, straight, no cracks. It does have nice patina with some rust […]

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1947 Indian Chief

**SOLD** 1947 Indian Chief in very good condition. Older restoration, original sheet metal, correct original carb, most parts are original, chrome is nice, recent tune-up […]

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1975 Kawasaki Z1

**SOLD** 1975 Kawasaki Z1 in good condition. Runs and shift great just like a Z1 should. Recent oil and filter change and tune-up including rebuilt […]

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1981 Yamaha YZ250

**SOLD** 1981 Yamaha YZ250 in good condition. Runs good, lots of power-be careful riding this vintage monster! Tires, chains, sprockets, brakes, suspension, plastics, all good. […]

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1979 YZ125

**SOLD** 1979 Yamaha YZ125 in good condition. Runs good, lots of power, shifts good, clutch is smooth. Tires like new, chain & sprockets all good, […]

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1973 Husqvarna WR250

**SOLD** 1973 WR250 Husky in good running condition, lots of power, fast! Cranks on first kick. Shifts good, clutch is good, brakes are good. Older […]

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